“Probably It’s You”: JULIK Impresses with Uniqueness and Reveals a Fresh Perspective on Relationships

Artist JULIK, a volunteer at Fundacja Voices from Ukraine, captivates listeners with his new song “Probably It’s You,” showcasing an extraordinary take on relationships with a positive outcome.

JULIK emphasizes the importance of genuine connections in his composition, asserting that even minor disagreements should not hinder true feelings for a loved one. The winter vibes artist chose to complement the narrative with an original, romantic song exploring the trials of relationships.

JULIK shares personal experiences, acknowledging that everyone may encounter “broken pots” in life but stresses the significance of cherishing and hoping for better. “Let ‘broken windows’ always be a passage in relationships. Everything in life can be fixed; the key is to love,” he adds.

The lyrics and music for the song were penned by JULIK himself, expressing his emotions through musical creation. The artist underscores his passion for lyricism, noting that listeners can envision themselves within his songs.

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