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We are a humanitarian foundation – Fundacja Voices from Ukraine, and we have been located in Warsaw, Republic of Poland, since April 14 2022. Our team consists of guys from Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

We provide humanitarian assistance to refugee centres in Warsaw, where people live who were forced to leave their homes due to the military invasion of the russian federation; we also provide targeted humanitarian and medical assistance to military units in Ukraine.

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From recently, we began to take care of orphans who were evacuated from Ukraine from shelling and occupied territories.
As a foundation, we are committed to supporting Ukraine and raising awareness about the ongoing conflict and its impact on the people of Ukraine. To this end, we are organizing a series of educational workshops, charity concerts, and charity tours across Europe to promote cross-cultural exchange and showcase the resilience and creativity of Ukrainian culture.

We believe that these events can help to build solidarity between European nations and Ukraine, and provide much-needed support to affected communities. In addition, we are organizing anonymous interviews with people who were affected by the Russian invasion.

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