Heartfelt Wishes and Gratitude on Polish Independence Day

[Warsaw, 11 November 2023] – The “Voices from Ukraine” Foundation extends its warmest wishes to the resilient and courageous Polish people on Independence Day.

In commemorating this significant day, let the spirit of courage and determination that paved the way for Poland’s independence continue to inspire us all. We wish the Polish nation enduring years of peace, prosperity, and success, with the unwavering beat of pride echoing from the heart of Poland.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, we extend our sincere thanks to the Polish people for the remarkable support and solidarity extended to the Ukrainians. Your invaluable assistance has left an indelible mark, forging a bond that transcends borders.

As we celebrate the shared values of freedom and unity, may our friendship and cooperation stand as a testament to the enduring ties between our nations.

With the most tremendous respect,

The “Voices from Ukraine” Foundation Team

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