“Signal for Help” – Initiative to Combat Domestic Violence!

Another step towards a safer world – the “Signal for Help,” an initiative that has become a global symbol in the fight against domestic violence, is gaining more support and attention.

What is it?
“Signal for Help” is a simple gesture of one hand that each of us can make to protect and assist those in need. Invented by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, this symbolic gesture has become an effective tool for preventing family violence, especially during the period of self-isolation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you think you could use it?
The signal is performed by raising one hand with the thumb pressed into the palm and folding the other four fingers down. This has become a sign that a person feels threatened and needs help. If you see this signal during a video call, you can contact the signaler personally and ask how you can help.

The initiative organisers encourage using the signal only to establish safe communication and support. You can only seek emergency assistance if the signaler explicitly asks for it. Yes-no questions can help reduce risks and ensure effective interaction.

Spread the Light of the Initiative!
Join the global movement for safety and support. Use hashtags #SignalForHelp #SafetyAndSupport and help make our world even safer for everyone!

Let’s create change together and protect each other!

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