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Each of us is on our own front. Mutual support and unity is the main thing that should be in times of war

Denys Verteletskyi

Denys Verteletskyi, president of the charity foundation “Voices from Ukraine”, a member of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, spoke about volunteering and charitable activities during the war on the air of Polish Radio for Ukraine.

President of the “Voices from Ukraine” charitable foundation, member of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, Denys Verteletskyi Photo: Svitlana Myalik

According to him, the humanitarian fund “Voices from Ukraine” is located in Warsaw and provides assistance to people fleeing acts of aggression from Russia, as well as to those who remain and protect our lives, security and peace on the front lines under the blows of the Russian army. Collection of funds for humanitarian and military aid for Ukrainian society is the main task of the fund. Volunteers of the foundation constantly cooperate with centers for refugees, people who were forced to leave Ukraine. And they also support the military. Medicines, products, thermal dishes are sent to the front.

The humanitarian fund “Voices from Ukraine” was recently supported by one of the Polish companies, in particular, a chain of gas stations. Thanks to such financial support, it was possible to help many Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression.

Another direction of the foundation’s work is the organization of charity concerts by Ukrainian artists in Poland. The collected funds are directed to support, in particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Svetlana Myalik

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